5 Best Inkjet Printers Under ₹ 10000 in India 2024- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Top 5 Best Inkjet Printers Under ₹ 10000 in India

Printers are important gadgets in homes and offices. Printers are required frequently in today’s world such as printing documents for job applications, resumes, college and school projects, etc. Not only printing, the multifunction printers come handy for scanning and copying(also known as photocopying).

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4 Best In-Ear Headphones Under Rs.1500 in India 2024

After writing a post about the best earphones with mic and without mic under Rs. 1000, many readers asked me to suggest them the best earphone under Rs. 1500. This post is a result of the same.

However, since there are not many choices in under Rs. 1500 segment, I am listing both earphones with mic and earphones without mic under Rs. 1500 in one post.

Are you in a search for the best earphone priced between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 1500? Then you are in the best place.

Unlike some other blogs, I do complete web research before suggesting any earphone because it is your hard earned money.

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5 Best Point-and-Shoot Cameras Under 10000

If you are planning to buy a point-and-shoot camera,then you have come to the right place.In this post,I list the top 5 best point-and-shoot cameras out of so many options available in market.Presence of so many options overwhelms the prospective buyers and they end up buying mediocre cameras in the end.

I have been in that situation when I was confused about which camera to buy.It was during the festive season of Diwali in 2012.I bought Nikon S3200 in the end. It has been 2 years since then. Now I know enough about point-and-shoot cameras and consider myself in a condition where I can suggest the best point-and-shoot camera for you.

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