How to Get Free Virtual Debit Card for International Transactions- Paypal, PSN, Google Wallet

In this post, I am going to tell you about how to get a free virtual debit card which works on Paypal, Google Play Store, Sony Playstation Network, etc.

Most Indian banks provide customers with classic debit cards which don’t work for international transactions. For example, when I opened a savings account in State Bank of India, they issued a classic debit card to me. These cards are good until you need to buy from outside India and use on Paypal, Sony Playstation Network, Google Play Store, etc.

Recently I needed an international card to link with Paypal. I wanted to buy Schema theme by MyThemeShop for my blog. My SBI debit card didn’t work on Paypal. Now I had two options – get a new international debit card from SBI or get a SBI credit card.

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How to Open Fixed Deposit in SBI Online

This post tells you how you can open a fixed deposit or FD account online in SBI using Internet banking. Basically you need to have Internet Banking enabled on your SBI savings account to open a fixed deposit online.

If you don’t have Internet Banking enabled, just go to your SBI branch and ask them for an ‘Online SBI Registration Form’. Fill the form and they will give an envelope containing your Username and Password.

The interest rate given on savings account in SBI is just 2.70% p.a. which can’t beat the rate of inflation. It means customer’s money is depreciating in a savings account.

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How to Make Demand Draft in SBI Online

Recently I had to submit a demand draft(DD) in college for taking admission. The value for which demand draft had to be made was Rs. 55062.

Banks have a rule that you must have to debit money from the account for making demand draft if the value of DD is above Rs. 50,000. This is done for tax purposes.

However, if the demand draft value is less than Rs. 50,000, there is no need for a bank account. You can simply pay by cash in that case.

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