Top 6 Reasons Why Moto G Is Worth Buying in India

So you are thinking why Moto G is getting all hype ? After all,it’s a mobile by a company Motorola who has shut down their operations in India 2 years ago. Moreover,Moto G is a google product but now they have sold Motorola to Lenovo which makes people thinking of Moto G’s after-service.Enough with the bad side,there’s more to Moto G just being a Google product.


So here are the reasons why Moto G is worth buying :

1) Price : The biggest reason to buy Moto G is its exceptional price. Its 8 GB version is price at Rs 12499 and 16 GB version at Rs 13999. It is the best phone in Indian market in sub 15K range,even sub 20K range.

2) Design : It has form factor instead of bar factor which is usually found in this price range in India.The plastic chassis on this smartphone looks stylish and comes in a variety of cool colors, which indeed looks pretty impressive. Moreover Motorola has added colorful shells to save it from daily wear and tear as well as add some more glam factor to the phone. Just like Nokia’s Lumia smartphones i.e. Lumia 520 and Lumia 525, Motorola has ensured that a mid-end smartphone does not have to look cheap. Buy Moto G Covers here.

3) Waterproof Body : Motorola claims of having used a special nano-coating to prevent water from damaging the phone. The coating is not just on the exterior but also include the interiors of the phone.

4) Battery Backup: The Moto G have a 2,070mAh battery, which the company promises would easily last a day or for up to 24 hours on mixed usage.

5) Stock Android : This phone runs on stock android except two important softwares installed by Motorola.In India,the phone is launched with Android 4.3 Jellybean and is guaranteed to upgradable to Android 4.4 Kitkat.

6) Offers :  One great deal is that Motorola is launching Moto G exclusively on Flipkart due to which Flipkart has come with irrestible offers if you buy Moto G on the launch day itself.See them here :

So what are you waiting for ? Buy Moto G and its accessories from the links below from Flipkart.

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