Study in UK : What,Where and Why ?

Ok,so here I am after a hectic study schedule in my college.

I am writing this post to answer the question : If you could study/specialize in any subject of your choice in the UK, what would it be,where and why? for Knowledge is Great contest by British Council on IndiBlogger.

I will like to answer this question in parts :

1) Subject of Choice : Since I am a techie and computer addict and already pursuing computer engineering diploma,I would like to study BEng Honours Computer Science in UK.

2) Place : The place for studying the course would be Queen’s University Belfast.

3) Reason : You already know the reason of choosing Computer Engineering subject.

Since I have to choose from UK,I would go for Queen’s University Belfast because it is one of the top 500 Universities in world to study Computers.

The reason for choosing Queen’s University Belfast is that they are offering scholarships of 1500 pounds for students in the course BEng Honours Computer Science which can be seen here .

If you are interested in studying in UK,Knowledge is Great can be a great resource for a start.

At last,I would like to say that knowledge is great because a person with knowledge is far more better than a person who is in the darkness of ignorance. Knowledge is the key to success, you could gain respect, power and position through knowledge so always strive to gain knowledge.

Hoping for a successful and knowledgeable life for you ahead !

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