Offers with Moto G on Launching Day by Flipkart !

Update : Moto G now available on Flipkart. Buy Now from below links :

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Flipkart recently announced on 31st January that Moto G is Coming Soon On Flipkart. On the Moto G landing page on Flipkart,they were showing a image shown below on :

Offers with Moto G on Launching Day by Flipkart !

From the next day after announcing the Moto G launch,Flipkart is announcing one offer daily if you would buy the Moto G on the day of launch.The offers are all incredible according to Flipkart.Well I don’t think so because the offers are quite unrelated to the phone i.e. Moto G.See yourself below. What Flipkart has not cleared is that whether buyers will get all offers or only 1 offer i.e. buyer will have a choice to select the offer he/she wants !

Update : According on Flipkart on their Facebook page :”Buy the phone on the day it releases (Day 1) and you will avail ALL the ‘Launch Day Offers”.

1st Offer on 1st February : Reading just got easy with the Moto G’s stunning 4.5 inch HD display…buy it on Day 1 and get Rs 500 off on any e-Books purchase over Rs 501! .That means if you buy any e-Books in Rs 501 or above and get Rs 500 off.Like if you buy e-Books worth Rs 501,just pay Re 1.


2nd Offer on 2nd February : Stay stylish… match your colourful Moto G with your wardrobe! Buy it on Day 1 and get Rs. 1000 OFF on Clothing purchases over Rs. 1001.
This offer seems unrelated for a phone. Buy clothes for Rs 1001 and pay only Re 1. 


3rd Offer on 3rd February :
Customize your Moto G! Buy it on Day 1 and get Flat 70% OFF on the bright & colourful range of Moto Shells!


4th Offer on 4th February :
Get lucky with the Moto G! Buy it on Day 1 and you could be one of 100 winners to get it free… we’ll award you the full amount in store credit!


It seems that the offers will come daily on till the announcement by Motorola on 5 February  . Stay tuned to see every offer by Flipkart on Moto G 🙂 After all,I will also buy Moto G from Flipkart and will also use the Flipkart vouchers earned from Top Best Websites to Get Free Flipkart eGift Vouchers  . What do you think on this strategy of offers by Flipkart ? Tell me in the comments.

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