Launch Time of Moto G on Flipkart – When You Can Buy It ?

Are you waiting for Moto G from the morning of 5th February ?

Well,wait some more time because Flipkart has announced the prices of Moto G and they are showing “Coming Soon” tags.

Buy Moto G Now

Moto G 8 GB is priced at Rs 12499 and Moto G 16 GB is priced at Rs 13999.

Launch time of Moto G is set to 00:00:01 AM on 6th February which means you will have to stay awake till midnight to order.Hope Flipkart’s server wouldn’t crash at the launch time due to server load.

Since there are two versions,decide which one you want to buy and bookmark the URL of its landing page.

Moto G Landing Page on Flipkart

Moto G 8 GB Product Page on Flipkart

Moto G 16 GB Product Page on Flipkart

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