Received Moto G 16 GB from Flipkart

I also waited for Moto G launch but it went out of stock on the first day itself. At midnight and in the noon of 6th February, both the timings were not suitable for me due to my exam on 6th February. In the midnight,I couldn’t wake up till 12 am due to parents not allowing and at 12 pm in the day, I was in college so I had to wait till both versions came in stock.

At 7th February, Moto G 8 GB came in stock but 16 GB didn’t so I booked Moto G 8 GB. I researched on internet will 8 GB be enough for my needs. But then I thought that it’s better to be future safe and then cancelled the order and booked the Moto G 16 GB on 8th February. Since it was not in stock, I had to wait till today to get my hands on the phone. Below is the pic :

Moto G

Did you also buy Moto G ? If yes,which one and when ? If not, then what are you waiting for ?

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