Thursday, 21 July 2016

4 Best Over-Ear Headphones Under Rs.1500

After writing about best over-ear headphones under Rs.1000, it's time for the best over-ear headphones under Rs.1500.

There are numerous choices in this segment. It gets hard to choose the best. To ease the process, I am writing this list of top best over-ear headphones under Rs.1500 in India:

1) F&D Discovery H30 Over-Ear Headphone
F&D Discovery H30 Over-Ear HeadphoneF&D Discovery H30 Over-Ear Headphone is the best over-ear headphone under Rs.1500 in India.

The headphone cancels ambient noise by a large degree thereby resulting in a better audio listening experience.

Its body is made of break-free metal, which makes it sturdy. 

The headphone is portable, given the ergonomic design and can be easily carried around.

It comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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2) iBall Jaron 5 Over-Ear Headphone
iBall Jaron 5 Over-Ear HeadphoneiBall Jaron 5 Over-Ear Headphone is the second best over-ear headphone under Rs.1500 in India.

The audio dynamics and projection from the headphone is crystal clear and free of any interference or distortion.

The soft cushioned pads facilitate a more stable and comfortable wearing experience.

It is portable and can be easily carried around

It comes with 3-year manufacturer warranty.
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3) Philips SHL3105WT/00 Over-Ear Headphone
Philips SHL3105WT/00 Over-Ear HeadphonePhilips SHL3105WT/00 Over-Ear Headphone is the third best over-ear headphone under Rs.1500 in India.

It features 40mm neodymium drivers for rich, deep bass.

It can be folded away for perfect portability and easy storage.

Its 85mm diameter soft cushions create perfect sealing between your ears and the environment, providing excellent noise isolation and enhancing bass notes.

Its sound separation is also remarkably clear, letting you hear each note at precisely the right moment

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4) Sony MDR-XB250 Over-Ear Headphone
Sony MDR-XB250 Over-Ear HeadphoneSony MDR-XB250 Over-Ear Headphone is the fourth best over-ear headphone under Rs.1500 in India.

It has cushioned ear pads for long-wearing comfort.

It has swivel folding-style for listening on the go.

Its double-sided cord prevents tangles.

It has 30 mm driver unit for strong sound.

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  1. Sir, i would like to know that which is the best headphone which i can use on my laptop for music production? I have a budget of Rs. 1200, please help me in this...

    1. Hi Chinmay, under Rs.1200, I would suggest you to go with Sennheiser HD-201 Over-Ear Headphone.

  2. Sir ,which one is good sennheiser hd180 or sony mdr zx310 or sony mdr zx110?


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