The Power of Being Together !

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The Power of Being Together !

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 “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”Helen Keller
Human is a social animal. No matter how much of an introvert you are, sometimes you crave to be with someone. Being an introvert, I know I get bored in presence of many people discussing a topic in which I am not interested. People may think that introverts don’t like people and get together but the reality is they intensely value the friends they have. They can count their close friends in one hand.  They just don’t want to be in company with fake people.
From school to college, I always preferred to keep 4-5 close friends who were genuine and authentic. I never followed the crowd. I would prefer to be alone rather than being with materialistic people.

 It was the gloomy day of winter in December, 2014. Although my exams had just ended, I was not fully happy. During the exams, I used to tell myself to give exams seriously and then enjoy the vacations by watching movies, playing video games on PC, blogging and learn cooking. Although I did those things, I felt emotionally unsatisfied. I felt like I was doing those things just for the sake of them. I craved something else. I felt that I had no friends and nobody cared for me.
During the exams, I used to meet my friends from college but now I was confined to my room. Although I used to have friends in neighbourhood, all four of them went to study engineering in other cities. 
On one day, I was chatting with one of my friend from school on Facebook. He asked me the ways in which I was spending my life and my vacations. I told him the usual things I was doing to pass time. He asked me whether I could come to his house on the next day. I asked him the reason but he asked me to just come. He was one of my close friends in school. But I had not seen him from 2 and a half years after passing school since we lived far away from each other. I was pretty excited to see him after those 2 years.
Next day when I reached his house, I found my 2 other close friends in his house. They looked like they were ready to leave house. On seeing me, they got excited and hugged me. I asked him the reason for telling me to come to his house. He told me that we were going on a picnic. I was surprised but I was equally happy to spend quality time with my friends.
We went to Humayun’s Tomb and Lodi Garden. We spent the day cheerfully, taking photographs of scenic beauty and eating food. When I reached home at night, I felt that the feeling of loneliness had vanished away and I was feeling confident. That day I realised the power of being together. That day gave me the strength and motivation to go on with optimism. It proved to be a memorable day for me.

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