Pen Drive Benefits for Students

Pen drives hold an important place in storage device market. Although computer professionals use external hard drives for data transfer and backup, it is very difficult for students to carry such a bulk device to school, college and friend’s house. Pen drives are far better than optical disks which are more prone to data loss due to scratches. Schools and colleges often ask students to make presentations. Pen drives come handy in these situations.

Pen drives are more durable than external hard disks and optical disks. Students often have a habit of dropping things. External hard disks are extremely fragile due to the fact that they have moving parts. With just one drop, hard disks become useless forever. Optical disks are no better. They have thin surface and susceptible to scratches which result in loss of data. Pen drives are lighter in weight and have no moving part which makes them the best choice for students.

Pen drives are much smaller than external hard disks and they can be kept in pockets or tied to a keychain. It is impossible to do the same with optical disks or external hard disks. Pen drives are just three or four inches longer which makes them better suited for being carried out on a regular basis. Students are already burdened with books and notebooks. Thus portability is one of the many reasons which makes pen drives the best choice for students.

Pen drives offer memory capacities ranging from 1 GB to 128 GB. On the other hand, optical disks offer just 700 MB in CD drives to 4.7 GB in DVD drives. Usually optical disks are unerasable which make them unusable after one data write. Pen drives are rewritable. So students can use the same pen drive while submitting different presentations and projects but that is not the case with optical disks. So high memory capacity and the rewritable capacity makes pen drives the best choice for students.

Now-a-days USB interface is present in almost all computer devices. USB is the most common way to connect an electronic device to virtually any type of computer like desktop, laptop, netbook, etc. While some smaller netbooks don’t give the facility of optical drive, they always give the facility of USB interface using which pen drives can be connected to them. So it doesn’t matter whether the students possess a costlier laptop or a cheap netbook, they can use the pen drive as long as the computer device have a USB interface.
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