How to Make Your Baby Happy !

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There is nothing in the world that can make a parent more happy than seeing their baby happy. Every parent wants to raise a healthy and happy baby. A happy baby becomes a great person in life. It is important to do things that make your baby happy. Also make sure to be happy if you are a parent. Babies sense the environment around them and react in the same way.

In this post, I am sharing a list of things you can do to make your baby happy :
1)      Give him time : Time is the most precious resource a parent can give to their baby. Always try to be present near your baby. When your baby knows that you are near him, he feels protected, loved and cherished. Even if you are a working parent, spend quality time with your baby when you are at home.
2)      Play with him : Playing with your baby makes him joyful and develops skills essential to future happiness.
3)      Help him learn new skills : Happy people are often those who have mastered a skill. For example, when your baby figures out walking with shaky steps for the first time or getting the spoon in his mouth, he feels happy and gains new experiences. He experiences joy of succeeding due to his own efforts.
4)      Give him safe environment : Always make sure that you keep your baby safe and protected from everything. Keep him warm in winters and cool in summers. Give him food according to his age. Regularly change his bedding and clothing. Keep him safe from mosquitoes and other bugs and insects.
5)      Give him space : No matter how much you care for your baby but don’t restrict him from exploring his surroundings on his own. Make sure that the baby has enough space for movement and exercise. However ensure that he has no access to accident-prone space.
6)      Make him exercise : Ensure that your baby is getting enough exercise by gently moving his arms and legs, simulating flying and swimming movements and singing songs for him according to situation.
7)      Buy books and toys for him : Buy books and toys for him with care. Ensure that the toys you buy are having different sizes, colours, textures and materials. Playing with toys will make him happy and give new heights to his imagination. Babies also love to look at pictures and drawings from the book. This will lead your child’s artistic imagination to a new height.
8)      Changing diapers : Ensure that you change the diaper of your baby as soon it gets soiled. Dirty diaper is the biggest reason babies remain unhappy. Make sure you use a diaper that not only keeps him dry from outside but also from inside. Use Pampers Baby Dry Pants.

If you any doubts or questions, you can ask below. I reply within 24 hours.