10 Simple Things that Make Me Happy

To me, happiness is a state of mind which comes when one lives a good life with emotional, physical, mental and financial security. Following is a list of simple things which makes me happy :

1) Reading: Reading makes me happy. I love reading anything from books to blogs to answers on Quora. Books take me to a different world where I don’t have to deal with life stress. I can imagine anything from this world to an imaginary world. I get motivation and inspiration by reading stories and life experiences of writers. Someone has said it right: “Reading is dreaming with open eyes.”
2) Writing: While reading is a great way to know about life of others, writing is a great way to share my life experiences and views about anything that intrigues me. Writing takes my thoughts out and presents it to the world. The fact that people read what I write is enough to make me happy.
3)  Learning Something New: I learn about something daily for 15 minutes. It gives me great happiness to become more knowledgeable day-by-day. Learning never goes waste. My theory of life is that time will pass anyway so why not learn something in that time.

4) Spending Time with Family: I become happy when I talk with my family about my life. I know my family will always be there for me when I need them. In words of Don Corleone from Godfather: “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”
5) Travelling: Travelling to new places makes me happy. I get to know about new people and their cultures. I get to make new friends.
6) Socialising with Friends: Spending time with friends makes me happy. Friends with same positive outlook towards life help me in making progress in life. I go out with them, participate in team sports with them, do volunteering with them, etc.
7) Exercising: While exercising helps me in staying healthy, it also makes me to wake up early. It makes me happy about my body. It indirectly helps in giving a great start to my morning and completing all the work by evening instead of slogging throughout the day.
8)  Sleeping: Proper sleep helps my body recover from the day and repair itself. It helps me focus and be more productive. Thus it is one of the things that makes me happy.
9) Helping Others: Helping poor and needy makes me happy. I get a feeling of satisfaction with my life when I help others. This gives me a feeling that I exist in the world.
10) Smiling: Smiling takes away all my stress and makes me feel happy. It improves my attention and helps me in performing better on tasks like studying and blogging.
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If you any doubts or questions, you can ask below. I reply within 24 hours.