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  1. hi tarun , i am submitted costum damain url before 7 day in adsense account

    “Reviewing your site will take up to 3 days. We’ll email you when we’re done.”

    but not Reply google adsens

  2. hello tarun,
    thanks for this helpful post;
    i have a same query as "rence Abhishek", as per your suggestion to rence abhishek, i have also double checked the ID of adcode generated; both are different that the adcode id and my publisher/customer ID are different, now what should i do , please help !

  3. Hi Tarun,
    I have a Google adsense approved blogspot with hosted account from last two years. After moving to custom domain ads are disappeared. Can you please help me in this, how to show ads on my custom domain.

  4. dear sir i was connected domain to a alredy approved blogger but after connecting domain adds was not dispalyed,if it is continued the addsene money of this month will be transferd to my account r not

  5. hello tarun verry good post.
    i want to ask you i upgrade adsense by TLD after recived email approved my account no HOSTED label and i implement code it's show blank but when i see template layout in page preview in dashboard blogger it 's show adsense
    please explain me how can i do ?

  6. Hi Tarun, I have Adsense General Account since 2011. I am maintaining blogs with google ads, recently i bought one domain from godaddy and redirected my blog to that domain.. now the site is not displaying any ads except my posts. Mine is not hosted adsense account. How can we resolve this plz…

  7. Present I disconnected the domain which I used to redirect because it shows blank space.but after I disconnected it adds are showing.now my doubt is is blogspot address name and custem domain name to be same?
    Please mail me,I am new to blogging world I need many help from you.if you think you can help me please.please send your email I'd.

  8. Hi tarun,I had redirected my blogspot blog to custem domain.then applyed for adsense.and I got congratulation mail from AdSense approved.but since 5 days of approval adds not display on my site.my site is
    And one more thing is before this blog I applied for another blog(howtoworkontally.blogspot.com)using same email and AdSense disaprooved.and now when http://www.gorvi.tk approved but adds are displaying on
    I did not understand anything.I want to show adds on my custem domain.can you suggest anything regard this.
    Thank you.

  9. Hello Tarun,
    I have a hosted account and i want to put ads code in my custom domain…can you tell me how and where can i put codes in my custom domain?

  10. Hi Rence Abhishek, double check that the code you have implemented has the same Adsense ID as your Adsense account. Also ads will not be shown until you upgrade request gets approved by Google. Till then, your ad units will be blank.

  11. In order to complete your request to show ads on your own website, you need to implement the ad code on http://www.sportsdumps.com. Your upgrade request can only be reviewed once your ad code has impressions on that domain.

    I got this kind of message.. but i placed my ad code.. but not showing on my web site

  12. hi tarun.. i followed your article which given above.. will it really work?? because im afraid of not getting.. but i got adsense approved.. after changing custom domain, do i need to re apply for adsense???

  13. Hi Rahul,
    Google does not review the content while approving hosted Adsense account.But it takes strict measures during approval of Adsense for custom domain.The best way is to make sure that you have posted sufficient and original content.You can also check whether someone is scraping your content and posting as his/her content at CopyScape.com.

  14. Check your publisher ID in Blogger > Earning and match it with your approved Adsense Account! If it is different then switch to approved publisher ID!

  15. hi have non hosted account of adsense but when i add adsense gadget in blogger it show blank ads why? when i use code from adsense account and paste in blogger it show ads can you help me out of this problem??

  16. I have applied for upgrade and rejected two times with the same "Insufficient content" issue ! Why ? Because they have approved my hosted account ! I think they're not able to crawl my pages , after i boy a domain ?? or template issue ?? Please Replay !!

  17. sir, i have applied for custom domain adsense and it shows, i need to implement ad code on custom domain, but how because i have already added adsense code on hosted blog for which i bought domain!
    please sir help me !

  18. Hi Rahul,
    you don't have to reapply for Adsense account after buying custom domain.You will have to submit your custom domain URL as shown in the post and will have to wait for confirmation.

  19. Hello, Nice Post,
    I have hosted adsense Account and i want to buy custom domain.After buying domain, i have to reapply for adsense account or i can use ads by submitting new URL in hosted adsense as you shown on your post.


  21. Tarun Singh I have a hosted adsense account which is youtube approved.
    But ads display empty spaces. please help.

  22. If you are trying to show ads on custom domain,then follow the above article.If you are trying to show ads on blogger blog,then there should be no problem since Blogger is a part of hosted sites.

  23. hi sir,
    i have hosted adsense account,i put adsense code on my blog but ads not showing on my blog. i added adsense gadget also but only blank space showing.plz tell me what to do?

  24. Hello, nice post, but can you help me with 1 question? how to implement AdSense ad code on the custom URL, the page that receives traffic now, through bloggers account right?

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