Top 10 Best Gas Stoves in India 2017 – Reviews

Top 10 Best Gas Stove in India
Gas stove is a must have kitchen appliance in every household. Now-a-days there are so much types of gas stoves and brands that it gets hard to choose the best gas stove for your home.

When we needed to change our old gas stove, I decided to research on how to choose the best gas stove for our needs and which are the best gas stove brands in India.

If you want to know which gas stove we bought, type of gas stoves and the website, read on to know complete details. Continue reading “Top 10 Best Gas Stoves in India 2017 – Reviews”

Top 5 Smartphones Under Rs.10000 in India 2017

The most popular price range in which phones sell is under Rs.10000.  But the problem is that everyday a new company launches a smartphone in the market with better specs.

This creates a dilemma in the mind of a prospective buyer like you. There is a plethora of choices of smartphones under Rs.10000.

Every company claims its phone to be the best. But not every phone can be the best.

You have to be careful and not to buy a phone in impulse just because your friend bought some phone and he/she can’t stop praising it. Also don’t believe in bestseller lists. Continue reading “Top 5 Smartphones Under Rs.10000 in India 2017”

Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India 2017 – Reviews

Refrigerator has come a long way from being a luxury item to a necessary appliance. Now you can’t think of living a day without a refrigerator.

Refrigerator helps in cooling the water to drink in scorching summer. It is used to store fruits and vegetables because it keeps their freshness intact.

Refrigerator also helps in making and storage of tasty desserts and ice creams. It preserves the nutrients in our food which leads to a healthier and better life.

When one thinks of buying a refrigerator, it becomes difficult to decide which refrigerator to buy, especially since one needs to think long term.

The decision of choosing a refrigerator depends on storage capacity, type of refrigerator, family size, budget, eating habits, space in your house and so on. Continue reading “Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India 2017 – Reviews”