Top 10 Best Convection Microwave Oven in India 2017

As I mentioned in my best microwave oven in India list, there are 3 types of microwave ovens: solo microwave oven, grill microwave oven and convection microwave oven. Since that article has become too long, it only mentioned the best solo microwave oven in India and best grill microwave oven in India. This article tells about the top 10 best convection microwave ovens in India. 

A convection microwave uses a combination of the two technologies: a regular microwave and a convection oven. It is most versatile and can perform all cooking functions, including baking. This is why it is more expensive than the other two variants. It can be used to bake anything from cookies and cakes to quiches and pizzas. Unlike a regular or a solo microwave, a convection microwave lets the food cook through more crisper. It does this by using a fan and a heating element to circulate hot air uniformly in the microwave. As a result, the food takes time to cook and comes out more ‘browner’ than you would get in a solo microwave. It can also combine grill and convection functions.
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