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Image Source: IndiBlogger
India is a cricket crazy nation. Being an Indian, you cannot ignore cricket if you want. Before 3rd grade of my school, I didn’t like cricket since it was the culprit which didn’t let me watch my favourite cartoons and TV shows. My whole family used to sit in front of TV on the day of cricket matches. I couldn’t do much about that although I did try to protest many times. But all my attempts were futile. You wouldn’t expect an 8 year old boy to win against his family.

At last, I gave in to cricket since you can’t fight a sport which is considered as a religion in your country. The first match I saw was between India and Holland during the World Cup of 2003. I watched it because I had no other option. All my friends did not come to play during the cricket matches. It seems like I was the only odd child out there who did not like cricket.

However, after I saw my first cricket match, I began to like it and my interest soared up for the game. Now I knew what I was missing in the life without watching cricket matches – thrill and excitement with each four, six and wicket was amazing. Watching Sachin Tendulkar play against the Pakistan was truly exhilarating. Although I hated the Australian team, you couldn’t deny the fact that Gilchrist – Hayden was the most destructive opening pair at that time. Watching them play was blissful.

Now when I was totally engrossed in the 2003 World Cup, India was defeated only by Australia in the series. I was very sad. But I did not stop watching cricket matches. 2007 ODI World Cup was a disaster. However, 2007 T20 World Cup came as a relief. 2011 ODI World Cup was won by India and swept all previous memories of defeats.

I didn’t know when in the process, I became an ardent cricket fan. I followed every cricket match with full vigour. In 2011 World Cup, I even took holidays to stay back at home and watch matches. But there was a problem. I was in 12th grade at that time. I had to listen to heavy scolding from my parents. Moreover, mobile phones were not allowed in school. I felt helpless at that time.

After I joined college, I used to watch all cricket matches. Attendance was not a problem in college. But studies and friends were also important. I didn’t want to miss fun of college and also the thrill of cricket. So I installed UC browser on my smartphone. Now I don’t need to stay at home to stay connected to the game. With UC Cricket feature of UC browser, I now enjoy my college life without worrying about missing my favourite games. UC Cricket provides live scores, previews, commentaries, news, interviews, stats, photos, videos, etc. It’s easily accessible with a single click on UC Browser’s home page.

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