Best 32 Inch LED TVs Under Rs 25000 in India

In the starting of this year, our old CRT TV started to give problems like pink colour on the top half side of TV.That was the time when I started researching online for best value-for-money TVs in the market.I was open to buying TV online since I have become a big online shopping admirer.Moreover the online prices are always lower than store prices.Believe me,I went to offline shops too.

Discounts given by online stores on TVs are mind-blowing. Maybe because the online sites don’t pay for sales representatives, electricity used in showcasing TVs and rent of shops by offline stores.The best bet is to select the best TV according to your budget and preferences and then compare it across all the online stores like Flipkart TVs, Snapdeal TVs and Amazon TVs.

At that time, when I was researching TVs,I thought I would buy the TV from Flipkart but got to know that they had stopped selling TVs back in June 2013. Anyway I thought of buying a work-around(jugaad). I am glad that I did not buy that work-around. Fortunately after some days, Flipkart resumed selling TVs again and after selecting the best TV, I bought Toshiba 32P2305ZE 32 inches LED TV from Flipkart . You can read about the workaround and how Flipkart started selling TVs at right time for me.

32 Inch TVs are the most popular TVs in India.Moreover our room size was small so size of TV selected was 32 inches.The confusion was regarding whether to buy HD Ready TV(720p) or Full HD TV(1080p).Then I read the following on Flipkart TV Buying Guide :

If you are buying a television smaller than 40 inch, HD Ready is usually sufficient; your eye will not not be able to tell the difference at a distance of 8 feet. The Full HD resolution is worth it from 40 inch to 60 inch.If you sit closer, you should buy a higher resolution TV.

Coincidentally our viewing distance was exactly 8 feet, so HD Ready (720p) resolution was selected for TV.Moreover HD DTH services show content in 1080i, not 1080p resolution.Enough with my story, below is the list.

Here is the list of best 32 inch LED TVs under Rs 25000 in India :

1) Toshiba 32P2305ZE 32 inches LED TV

Especially designed for watching cricket, this TV has been the most popular TV among the 32 inch segment in India. Well I did a thorough research of its features and found it to be the best.I bought it for ₹ 21547 from Flipkart on 12th May,2014 and it was delivered to me on 14th May,2014 under Free 1-day guarantee.You can read my review of Toshiba 32P2305ZE 32 inches LED TV here. Usually I don’t write reviews on shopping sites since I shop so much that it’s hard to write about everything.Instead I write reviews on this blog.But Flipkart mailed me that they would add ₹ 200 to my Flipkart wallet if I wrote a review for my TV purchase on their site.I wrote the review, they added ₹ 200 and the TV costed me ₹ 21347.

Design : With slimmer edge and minimalistic style,this TV looks awesome in design and suits our living room.It comes with a built-in soundbar which saves the trouble of buying external speakers. It also comes with a sturdy stand which gives the additional height and stability. The LED screen is only 60.96mm thick and 21-inches high.

Display : It has HD ready resolution or resolution of 1366×768 pixels which gives you pictures, a picture engine that improves incoming picture quality, an AMR+ scan rate which gives smoother images and a 10-bit video processing which nullifies any judder effect. This TV also has an active backlight control for better picture quality.  .

Video : It also has an Auto Clean feature which reduces picture noise to create smooth and eye-friendly images. It also has an auto signal booster which enhances the picture quality by boosting signal coming thru’ RF, a contrast booster for better picture detailing and a 3D Color management which provides life-like color quality.

Audio : This TV has a 20W audio output for greater enjoyment, a built-in sound bar, front-firing speakers, an audio distortion control and Dolby Digital which makes movies and TV shows sound crisper.

Convenience Features :  It has a USB 2.0 port for more playback options, 2 HDMI ports and a PC input which can be used to make TV screen as a display screen. It also comes with two AV input connections and audio output connection fore more audio-video connectivity.

Surprise :The TV have the signature of God of Cricket himself,Sachin Tendulkar.

With HDMI port,I connect my laptop and Videocon d2h HD connection.Using USB 2.0 port,I connect my pen drives and my external hard drive to watch movies,listen audio songs and enjoy family photos on big screen.

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