Top 5 Best Books to Read This Summer in India

As the season of summer is going on,all the college and school students are enjoying holidays.This time is usually free for them with no tension of studying course books.If you are like me,then chances are that you love reading books except course books.So I am sharing a list of books you can read this summer :

1) The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars is the story of a teenage girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster, who prefers staying at home and watches marathons of America’s Top Model. However, her life takes a drastic turn when she is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Hazel begins attending a support group for young cancer patients and survivors. She is cynical about the whole thing, but then she meets Augustus Waters, who is in remission at a support group for kids with cancer. This is when her life begins to change for the better.
Pulled into the lives of the characters in the book, you can almost listen to their voices and feel their emotions. The Fault In Our Stars is considered to be John Green’s most heartbreaking and touching piece of work yet. The book portrays the amusing, tragic and breathtaking moments that are felt while feeling alive and being in love.
The author manages to show you the harsh realities of cancer, while describing the ups and downs in the life of a cancer patient. It is appropriate for teenagers as well as adults.
A film based on the book is slated for release in 2014 by Fox 2000, a division of 20th Century Fox. It is going to be directed by Josh Boone and will star Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort.

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2) Unreal Elections

Unreal Elections, authored by C. S. Krishna & Karthik Laxman, is a witty book on various political situations and issues of India. The articles have a bit of humourous and satirical touch. India’s funniest bloggers come together in this book with their funny, yet truthful takes on Indian politics.
Summary of the Book
How would you like it if the political situations are linked to some movies, songs or artists? If you are a little overwhelmed with the monotony of serious political debates, panel discussions and the screaming and the shouting on national television, here is a book that would offer you a sweet escape. How would you like Narendra Modi’s favourite movie to be augured as The Lion King? How Sonia restructures her cabinet time and again with Britney Spears’ songs inspiring her to do it? Why isn’t Arvind Kejriwal parting from his shawl even in the burning hot days of summer in Delhi? Is there anything at all that can get our P. M. Manmohan Singh annoyed or irritated or outraged? The book ponders upon these questions with a provocative, humourous perspective.

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3) Sorry, You’re Not My Type

A contemporary novel about friendship, affection and infatuation, Sorry, You’re Not My Type tells the true story of three close friends and how one stranger affects them all.
Summary of the Book
All relationships should come with a precautionary warning: Handle with care, The final audition for Rajhans College’s prestigious music band brings together three contrasting personalities. Vikrant, a perfectionist, who believes there is only one perfect someone for you. Anamika, a free spirit, who stands up for what she believes is right. Yuvi, a die-hard music lover, who can strum the guitar all night long and still wake up the next morning to drop off his girlfriend. The three become close friends and start hanging out regularly. So how does Aditya, a stranger, become a part of their lives? And what happens next? Sorry, You’re Not My Type is a true story that will redefine friendship, affection and infatuation.

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4) The Accidental Prime Minister : The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh

A revealing title into the inner politics of the Congress Party, The Accidental Prime Minister deals with Manmohan Singh and his conflicts with the president of the Congress Party.
Summary of the Book
The life of the 13th Prime Minister of India is fraught with constant conflict from both the opposing party and his own party. In this book by his former spokesperson, the author puts forth the argument that Mr. Manmohan Singh is in a constant battle for power, as the principal portion of it rests with the Congress Party President, Sonia Gandhi. Portraying an empathic image of the Prime Minister, Baru’s book interprets the relationship between the two juggernauts of the Congress party as a tug of war, and portrays Mrs. Gandhi as the constant victor. Revealing several controversial details about the Congress Party, this book is sure to catch the eyes of readers and make them ask questions it tries to answer.

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5) Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For: 4 (Clifton Chronicles #4), available in paperback, is a novel which revolves around the Cliftons and the Barringtons. The book begins with Harry Clifton and his wife Emma Clifton who hurry to the hospital after they hear about the car accident that their son Sebastian has been a part of. Emma Clifton wishes to take up the post of the chairman at the Barrington Shipping Company, after Toss Buchanan was forced into resignation. With the company planning to build the new luxury liner called the MV Buckingham, there are people trying to destroy the family business. Don Pedro Martinez brings in his candidate, Major Alex Fisher, to fill in the chairman position. Be Careful What You Wish For: 4 further tells the story of how the adopted daughter of Harry and Emma falls in love with her fellow student, Clive Bingham in London, whom she intends to marry. The wedding is planned, but on the eventful day, Lady Virginia Fenwick who is visiting Priscilla Bingham, Clive’s mother, poisons the wedding chalice. Amidst everything that is going on, Cedric Hardcastle becomes a board member of the Barringtons. He’s a bluff Yorkshireman who was never in the picture until now. This creates an environment of confusion and tension amongst the families. Hardcastle finds himself trying to decide which candidate to support for the chairman’s chair. Be Careful What You Wish For: 4 (Clifton Chronicles # 4) was published on 19th March, 2014. It presents the readers with a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

Key Features:

  • This novel is the fourth book in the Clifton Chronicles series.

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