All About Flipkart First, a Premium Subscription Service from Flipkart

Flipkart has launched Flipkart First, an annual membership fee-based service for its customers.It is similar to the Amazon Prime service in US. Below are all the FAQs you may want to know.

Flipkart Launches 'Flipkart First',a Premium Subscription Service
Q1 ) What is Flipkart First?
A1) Flipkart First is our soon-to-be-launched annual subscription service for shoppers who wish to get exclusive benefits and have access to priority service.
Q2) What are the benefits of subscribing to Flipkart First?
A2) By subscribing to Flipkart First, you get exclusive access to a constantly growing bouquet of benefits.
Get your orders delivered within a day’s time with unlimited access to In-a-Day Guarantee Delivery. Standard delivery is also always free, with no minimum purchase price. In case you want your order delivered the very same day, you get access to Same Day Guarantee Delivery at a discounted price.
You also get the added bonus of 60 Day Replacement Guarantee instead of the standard 30 Day Replacement Guarantee.
With Flipkart First, you get access to their priority customer service. You are assured minimal wait times.
Q3) When is Flipkart First launching?
A3) They’re launching Flipkart First soon! Add yourself to the mailing list to know when Flipkart First launches.
Q4) How much does the subscription cost and how long is it valid for?
A4) Add yourself to the mailing list to know more about subscription cost when Flipkart First launches. Flipkart First is an yearly subscription service.
All About 'Flipkart First',a Premium Subscription Service from Flipkart
Terms and Conditions
  • Customers (75,000) are randomly selected for the free 3-month subscription. You’ll get to know if you are selected on May 20, 2014. Selected customers will be notified through email.
  • Certain benefits like In-a-Day Guarantee Delivery and Same Day Guarantee Delivery are available in specific locations only. Customers would be able to avail only those benefits that are available in their location.
  • Benefits are only applicable for purchases from WS Retail as of now

Visit Flipkart First landing page on Flipkart !

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