Recharging My Hair, Recharging My Life with Sunsilk

Going to college and playing cricket in the college playground made my hair a complete mess.The playground where we played cricket was completely sandy and the flying dust made my hair dull and dusty.
This resulted in dandruff and rough hair. I used many shampoos and conditioners whose ads show how a man after using them get dandruff-free hair. But no one proved their worth and my hair remained as they were before.
But then one day I saw my mother coming from shopping and she brought Sunsilk shampoo which has written “Natural Recharge” over it. Well I was dissatisfied by all the shampoos I have used till then. I was in no mood to get disappointed once more but the dandruff problem was getting over me and my behavior was getting annoying. So I gave it a last chance.

Voila,it worked for me and my dandruff disappeared and my hair got silky. It recharged my hair and now I am satisfied completely with my hair.My behavior has improved and my life is completely recharged.Now I don’t fear my hair getting dusty and dull while going and coming from college in DTC bus.

Now I depend completely on Sunsilk knowing that it will be there to help my hair and recharge them and ultimately recharge my life and mood.

This post is a part of Recharge Your Hair,Recharge Your Life contest on Indiblogger sponsored by Sunsilk.

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