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Star Sports : How Following Cricket Got Easier from 2003 to 2014

 Star Sports : How Following Cricket Got Easier from 2003 to 2014

I am a cricket fanatic from childhood. I used to watch the whole match even if it was a test match. How could anyone miss the lethal opening partnership of Gilchrist and Hayden .Don’t know about others but I couldn’t.  I still remember that I used to forget eating lunch while watching cricket matches when no one was home and then after returning, mom used to get angry on me.

The above incident was nothing. In 2003, when I was in third class, it was the time for world cup and whole country was in its world cup fever. I watched all matches in that cricket world cup , no matter whether India was playing in it or not. But in the end, I am an Indian and this feeling is bigger than feeling of being a cricket fanatic. India was on a winning streak in the group matches and they lost to Australia only. So there was nothing that stopped India from playing finals. The 2003 Cricket World Cup final was played between India and Australia, who lost not even a single match during the entire tournament. 

On 23rd March 2003, I was all ready to see the final between India and Australia. The match started and Australia batted first. But Australian batting line-up was so strong at that time that they scored 359 for just 2 wickets. Well hope was there since India had Sachin Tendulkar who was then the leading run scorer in the whole World Cup who ultimately became Man of the Tournament for 673 runs and 2 wickets. There were just 5 minutes remaining for Indian openers to come to bat.
But then happened the electricity breakdown in our area. Oh God, I was completely mad. How could they cut the electricity during the World Cup final .I came out of the house and saw that whole society was there and all were angry on electricity department . All the society residents decided to go to electricity office of our area. I was with them too. When we reached there, we saw two officials who were busy drinking alcohol. As soon as the society residents saw this, some of them went completely out of limits and they started beating them. Some people were stopping them too. While this was happening, there came the Junior Engineer and he calmed the people by saying that he have called the day shift officials to bring the electricity back and suspended those night shift officials.
All residents went back home but when the light came, India was already beaten by Australia and they were all out for 234. I was angry and very sad that I missed India’s batting and that made India to lose. What could you expect from an 8 year old child who saw all the matches and couldn’t see the final match.Next morning, I woke up with fever and the whole week I was at home due to sickness. I knew it was the effect of India’s loss.

I wish that if I had smartphone at that time with 3G, I would have got all the live scores with the android app on my phone just like I do now. Star Sports android app has changed the way I follow cricket because now I don’t have to go to mobile browser to search latest live score when I am on the go or I am at college.I have completely followed all the matches of IPL 2014 till now on Star Sports android app.

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