Get Amazon Gift Voucher of Rs.25 with Kitkat of Rs.25

Get Amazon Gift Voucher of Rs.25 with Kitkat of Rs.25

You anyways eat a lot of chocolate, right? Even if you don’t, then this great offer is you. You have to buy a Nestle Kitkat worth Rs.20 or Rs.25 and get an Amazon gift voucher worth the same amount.

You can add up to 3 Gift card codes per account, of either Rs 20 or Rs 25 or a combination of both. You will not be able to add 3 codes of each denomination. So you can get a maximum benefit of Rs.75 in one account.

You can add the codes up to the 30th of December post which the program will stop.

Along with the KitKat, you will get a scratch card containing a 17 character code. You need to visit and enter the code beneath the scratch. You need to enter the code that you see once your erase the scratch under the heading ‘Voucher code’.

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