Finally Bought Apple MD101HN/A Macbook Pro!

I bought my first laptop, HP Pavilion G6 2005 AX in October, 2012. It was even my first computer. In 3 years, I used it extensively for playing games, watching movies and blogging. But recently it began giving problems like heating up and started giving battery backup for just 30 minutes. I cannot use it without plugged in to power. I don’t know why but when I downloaded Windows 10 and installed it on the laptop, it went back to its previous Windows 7 during the booting phase itself. Yeah, I am using Windows 7 from the starting and even now. I did not use Windows 8 even once on my laptop. I waited for Windows 10 but guess what, I didn’t even get to use it.

This Windows 10 instance, battery backup and heating problem provoked me to buy a new laptop. When I was looking to buy a laptop in 2012, my whole focus was on buying a gaming laptop. This time, when I started to looking for buying a new laptop, I did not have specifications in mind.  All I wanted to buy was a decent laptop for my blogging purpose. Since I always look for value for money products, HP laptops were coming on top of my all lists. HP was running even a Diwali offer for new laptop buyers.

But I didn’t want to have the same experience with HP. The average life of an HP laptop can be said to be 3 years from my experience. This time, I was looking for durability. I was looking for a laptop which can last at least 5 years. I was willing to sacrifice gaming for durability. To be honest, I don’t play games on laptop since my first android phone came. Apple laptops were suggested everywhere for durability.

During the Amazon Sale from October 13 to 15, the best selling laptop was Apple’s Macbook Pro MD101HN/A too. There was great offer on it. But since I had some Flipkart gift cards, I bought Apple Macbook Pro from Flipkart. I bought the remaining amount of gift cards by using ‘10% off on Flipkart gift cards using SBI debit card’ offer. Although I had to pay extra on Flipkart than I would have paid on Amazon, the seller on Flipkart was WS Retail. Also the validity of gift cards was about to expire. First I bought the Macbook on 17th October for Rs.55990 but I saw that its price got reduced by Rs.1000 while it was still in transit. So I cancelled it and placed a new order for Rs.54990 on 19th October.

Now I use this laptop for blogging and coding. I like its features like backlit keyboard, excellent build quality and battery backup. Although it’s a model from 2012, it works like charm. Besides I am planning to upgrade its RAM to 16 GB and add a SSD. It’s the last Apple Macbook with optical drive.

I had planned to write this post in October itself. But it got lost in my drafts and I forgot about it too. Yesterday was my last exam so here I am writing this post and posting it finally.

Check Macbook Pro MD101HN/A: Amazon | Flipkart

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