3 Best Apps to Beat Delhi’s Odd-Even Car Rule

Odd-even car rule is going to start in Delhi from January 1. If you have a car, it will be only allowed for four days of the week including Sunday. For rest of the days, you would have to find other ways to commute. This rule will also apply for cars of outside Delhi. Are you also a victim of Delhi’s odd-even car rule? Then the following five apps will help you to beat this odd-even car rule:

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1) Uber : Using Uber, you can request cabs at your location. The apps shows the driver name, car number and expected time of arrival. Select the payment as cash or PayTM. I would suggest to go with PayTM since you can get PayTM cash using many offers running always. But you must have minimum Rs.200 in PayTM wallet.

Now Uber has made Uber Go as car-pooling first product so entering destination is a must. If you are travelling solo, it’s better to carpool since you get reduced fares due to sharing and do your bit for reducing pollution in Delhi. A maximum of 2 riders are allowed in a shared car.

The prices for Uber Go are minimum fare Rs.60 + Rs.7 per KM + Rs.1 per minute of ride. You can also choose Uber X and Uber XL which have higher rates. There are no extra night time charges. While GO and X allows maximum 4 persons, XL allows 6 persons. I usually travel in Uber Go or Uber XL since the cars in Uber X are even available in Uber Go. If you are sceptic about the prices, check the fare estimate first.

If you have never used Uber, you can use my Uber promo code 22i3d to get first ride free upto Rs.150. If you exceed the fare by Rs.250, pay the remaining by cash or if you used PayTM, extra fare gets debited from PayTM wallet.

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2) OlaCabs : OlaCabs is an Indian company which also provides cabs on demand just like Uber. OlaCabs uses its own payment method Ola Money. Cash payment is also available. 

OlaCabs has 2 cabs categories- Mini and Sedan. Minimum fare for both categories is Rs.100 for first 4 KM. After 4 KM, charges for Mini are Rs.8 per KM and Rs.1 per minute of the ride. While for Sedan, the charges are Rs.11 per KM and Rs.1 per minute of the ride. There are no extra night time charges. Both have maximum of 4 seats. It’s better to go with Ola Mini since most of the time they provide free upgrade to Sedan. There’s is no equivalent of Uber XL in OlaCabs.

If you have never used OlaCabs, you can use my coupon code N9VT3C to get Rs.100 off on first ride. If the fare exceeds Rs.100, Ola money will be used first and then cash will be considered. 

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3) Jugnoo Autos: Enough with taxi apps, now it’s time for the Auto Rickshaws. Jugnoo Autos provide on-demand Autos without fear of getting overcharged. Instead of paying according to meter, Jugnoo charges according to GPS of phone just like Uber and Ola Cabs. You can pay via Jugnoo cash/wallet, and PayTM wallet 

Unlike cabs, there are no separate categories. At a time, maximum of 3 people are allowed to board the Auto. The minimum charges are Rs.25 for first 2 KM and then Rs.8 per KM. There is no ride time charges unlike Uber and Ola. However there is extra 1.25x charge for night time from 11 PM to 6 AM.

If you have never used Jugnoo Autos, you can use my referral code TARUN3981 to get free Rs.50 in Jugnoo wallet/ Jugnoo cash. If the fare exceeds Rs.50, PayTM wallet will be charged.

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These were the apps which will help you to beat the odd-even car rule. Thanks you.

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