Entertainment for the Nonstop Generation

We are rightly called the non-stop generation. In this era of mobile and Internet, we have so much for our entertainment that we spend more time with our smartphones and laptops than our television set. Moreover, when we have Internet on our mobile, we don’t even have to fight for the TV remote with our family members for watching our favourite shows.
If you have a mobile with Internet enabled on it, then you are just one click away from watching live TV on your mobile. nexGTv is the one-stop destination for entertainment on your mobile and desktop/laptop. nexGTv app is available for Android, iOS and Windows users.

The features that make nexGTv the No.1 entertainment destination are listed below:
1) It offers more than 150 LIVE TV channels, latest movies, TV shows, funny episodes, songs, breaking news, trending videos and even exclusive content.  The icing on the cake is that more than 80 LIVE TV channels are free to watch.
2) The app has a smooth and lag-free User Interface (UI) for enhanced viewing experience. The app did not hang for once during my exploration phase.
3) Besides, it does not matter if your Internet pack provides low speed. The app uses a technique called “Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming” to auto adjust the video quality as per the network bandwidth. I used the app with 512 Kbps Wifi network and found the app awesome.
4) While watching LIVE TV channels, you don’t have to wait for ad breaks for doing your important chores as you can simply put it on pause mode. It’s a great way of escaping your mom’s scolding next time. Suppose you are watching a movie or an interesting video and have to close the app because of some urgent work, you can resume the movie or the video from where you left off. This is such a useful feature, for our busy schedule hardly gives us a chance to watch a complete movie in one sitting.
5) Using Picture-in-Picture mode, you can quickly switch between channels without discarding the current channel.
6) Suppose you are watching a movie or  a video but you have to close the app due to some work, then you can resume the movie or video from where you left off. It is a handy feature since in this nonstop generation, it’s difficult to watch complete movie in one sitting.
7) While you can watch the most of the nexGTv library for free, access to the rest of the premium channels and movies can be availed at a nominal monthly price of Rs.99. You can even pay through Paytm wallet.

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