My First Expert, My Mother

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God couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers.” ~ A Jewish Proverb

I cannot agree more with the above proverb. A mother is the one who brings every human to the earth. No matter what one does, one cannot repay one’s mother loans. A mother always think about her children first, no matter in which condition she is. She always put the well-being of her children before hers. A mother spends so much time with her child that the first word the child learns to speak is Ma (or Mom) !

For me, my mother was #MyFirstExpert in everything and still is. She was the one who taught me to walk. She was the one who took me in her lap and introduced me to my first words through her lullabies. She introduced me to the world of learning not only by enrolling me in school but also by making sure to drop me at school and bring me back safely. In scorching heat of summer, she made sure to bring umbrella to protect me from heat since the rickshaws were not available from school to home. She was behind me when I was learning to ride the bicycle for first time. I can never forget how she used to comb my hair while I used to get ready to go to play in the evening in the apartments. But when it came to going to park outside the apartments, she made sure to accompany me even when I was going with more than dozen of friends.

Even today all she cares about is my well-being. When I get late due to classes in college or due to fest in college, she gets worried and calls me until I reply her and she gets satisfied. She never forgets to pack my lunch for college. She makes sure that she wakes before me daily to prepare breakfast for me.  Now-a-days I make sure not to bother her or I stop her from doing things for me but still she doesn’t stop.

My mother is the biggest reason in my decent upbringing. She taught me to respect elders and women. She helped me excel in all fields of life whether it be education, social life or discipline. She taught me to fight against injustice and never care for what other people say about me.

I can go on forever on the topic of my mother. The above things are just a small glimpse of the things my mother have done and still does for me. So no matter what respect your mother, for she is the reason for your existence in this beautiful world.

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