Quikr NXT : Buying and Selling Made Easy !

Quikr NXT : Buying and Selling Made Easy !
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Considered the biggest Indian online classifieds portal, Quikr has recently launched “Quikr NXT” programme which gives buyers and sellers a way of communicating via instant chat. It gives both buyers and sellers an added layer of privacy since they can hide their mobile number and email address. Through this feature, photos and videos of products can also be shared.

My first interaction with Quikr was during the month of December when I listed my old mobile phone there for sale. At first, I only listed my email address and not my mobile number since I did not want to get bombarded with phone calls from complete strangers.  In 2 days, I got emails from only 4 guys but they were unsuccessful transactions. That was unexpected since the phone was good in condition. I only wanted to sold that phone because I was using Moto G.
I thought the reason for low response might be due to the absence of mobile number on my profile. So I listed the mobile number and it did result in more responses. But 1 guy called me during college class and I thought it would have been so good if there was a mechanism to let him know that I was busy at the moment.

With so many interested buyers, it got cumbersome to keep track of them. The guy, who was interested in buying at the listed price, called me to send him some more photos of the mobile phone and the easiest way to do was through WhatsApp. Finally I sold the phone.

Recently I wanted to sell a book through the Quikr app and saw the Quikr NXT option in app. The best thing about this feature is that it is not only available on app but also on desktop and mobile browsers.

I think Quikr NXT will take online classifieds to a new era. Following are the 3 reasons why chat is better than a phone call :

1) Convenience : Quikr NXT helps buyers to chat with sellers when they are online. Buyers don’t have to call the sellers at odd hours of the day. This also saves money spent over the phone call. This will help any seller who might be busy and can reply to the buyer when he is free. When I sold my book through Quikr NXT,it got sold within 2 days whereas the mobile took 6 days. great,isn’t it ?

2) Sharing Photos and Videos : With Quikr NXT, buyers can request anything from photos of mobile phones to videos of car interior.

3) Saving Conversations at One Place : With Quikr NXT, it gets easy to track buyers at one place. You don’t have to check your phone logs or WhatsApp messages to refer to the conversations. It is helpful since you can remember the price you bargained with specific buyers.

Quikr NXT : Buying and Selling Made Easy !
Using Quikr NXT on Desktop

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