Lost Election in School Due to Stubble

During the school days, I was an all-rounder student always ready for academic as well as extra-curricular activities. In 11thclass, I was automatically selected as a candidate for Cultural Captain for my house. There were 4 houses in my school and I was in Tagore House. It was a dream post for me since it would give me the responsibility to lead my house in various cultural activities.

It was the time when I was going from the state of adolescence to adulthood. Facial hair like moustache and stubble gave a sense of pride in becoming a man.

There was one more candidate for the role of Cultural Captain. The other candidate was my classmate. He was good in cultural activities but not in academics. I knew that I I would easily beat the other candidate since I was the favourite of my Chemistry mam and she was the House Leader of Tagore House. But the problem was that the Selection Panel consisted of total 4 teachers. The other 3 ladies teachers never taught me since they were from Commerce section.

On the judgement day, I looked at mirror and felt confident of my stubble. I have never shaved it since its inception.

When I reached school, I met the other candidate. I found something unusual about his appearance that day. He was clean-shaven. I smiled inside and thought why would he do that.

In the house meeting, the House Leaders asked some usual questions to both of us like if you become Cultural Captain of the House, what would you do for its betterment in cultural activities? Both of us answered confidently .It was pretty tough judging us since both of us were in high morale. House Leaders asked us to sit for 5 minutes and wait for the result.

When the result came, I was devastated since the other candidate won the position. I instantly knew the reason of my loss and it was my stubble. The House Leaders must have thought me of being casual about the position since I did not take time to shave which would have given them a sense of me being caring and responsible for the position.

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