How Amazon and Snapdeal Hijacked Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day Sale

Flipkart's The Big Billion Day Sale

While the Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day Sale turned out to be an ‘Out of Stock’ Day for customers,Amazon and Snapdeal did their best to hijack Flipkart’s sale and get users to their site.

While Amazon took on Flipkart in online world only,Snapdeal took one step further to hijack the Flipkart’s sale in offline world too.

On 4th October,2014,Amazon registered the catchphrase of the Flipkart’s sale as domain name and started redirecting it to their site .This stole many visitors from Flipkart.Also,Amazon bought the keyword “Flipkart” for the day from Google Adwords so that any webpage containing the keyword “Flipkart” was showing ads for Amazon’s products.


Snapdeal took one step further and also took on Flipkart’s sale in offline world.They gave a full print ad in response to Flipkart’s full page ad in ‘The Times of India’.


In online world,the hashtag #flipkart is trending on Twitter due to backlash from unhappy customers taking on Flipkart.Here Snapdeal hijacked by making its trend popular by hashtag #CheckSnapdealToday.

This clearly shows the Indian e-commerce is now a battleground for these 3 retailers and it’s now Flipkart vs Amazon vs Snapdeal !


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