5 Things that Add Zest to My Life

Being an engineering student, I get very less time to do things which gives me happiness and add zest to my life. But isn’t it life ? It’s all about how you manage your time and get time to do those things which you satisfy your inner soul.

Here is the list of 5 things that add zest to my routine life :

1) Blogging: This is the best thing that have ever happened to my life. Blogging gives me inner strength and confidence to present my thoughts and myself to the world otherwise I am an introvert. Moreover it gives me financial security enough to give me pocket money for my expenses. Due to blogging,I get to meet fellow bloggers and great people. This helps in networking with them.

2) Reading: Reading is an essential part of my life since childhood. From literature in course books to comics of Nagraaj to novels of Durjoy Dutta, reading has been my shadow always. I don’t know how I got into engineering since till 10th,I wanted to do English Honours. But in college, it’s hard to keep up with the books. Now-a-days I can’t complete a book in even 1 month which I used to complete in just 1 day in past.

3) Travelling: Travelling rejuvenates me and give new life and energy to my body otherwise used to the same college going routine in bus and Metro. It helps in meeting new people and get to know their culture. It enhances my vision and helps me develop a new vision towards life.

4) Movies: Movies give pleasure and act as a source of happiness. They take me away from reality to the virtual world. I mostly watch hollywood movies. When I get time, I go to cinemas to watch them. In recent times, watching X-Men : The Days of Future Past in 3D was a good experience although the latest hollywood movie I watched was Transformers : Age of Extinction. In bollywood, I watched Ek Villain and Holiday.

5) Food: Food is the necessity of every human being. Delicious food uplift my senses and body and gives me strength to go through the hectic day of boring lectures and long practicals.


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