Monday, 13 April 2015

Get Free Rs.100 in TaxiForSure Wallet Using Referral Code for New Users

Get Free Rs.100 in TaxiForSure Wallet Using Referral Code for New Users

TaxiForSure has just launched ‘referALL’ program where registered users can share their referral code to new TaxiForSure users and new users get free Rs.100 in their TaxiForSure wallet. This referral code will only work while signing up via mobile app. When I signed up on TaxiForSure, this offer was not available and I started with Rs.0 in my wallet. To make sure that the same doesn't happen to you, I am sharing the TaxiForSure referral code for getting free Rs.100 in your wallet.

After Ola has acquired TaxiForSure, it seems Ola is doing anything they can to promote TaxiForSure. TaxiForSure ‘referALL’ program is copy of Ola referral program which is widely popular amongst their users. Ola used to give free Rs.100 Ola Money to new users which has now decreased to Rs.50. Ola Cafe seems to be the culprit of this decrease in Ola money because some meals on Ola Cafe are available for just Rs.99 and it would not make sense for Ola to give food for free. Anyway I think if Ola has to compare with Uber, they would have to increase referral earnings and reduce fares because Uber gives free ride worth Rs.600 to new users and they have very low fares these days.

So you would be thinking why should you use TaxiForSure when there is Uber and Ola ? Well TaxiForSure gives incredible offers from time to time. Recently they were giving Rs.100 on unlimited rides up to 31st March. Since TaxiForSure charges Rs.49 for the first 4 km and further Rs.14 per km for Hatchback cars and Rs.16 per km for Sedan cars, you could travel free for a distance of 7 km. I also used this offer one time on 27th March but had to cancel the ride due to some circumstances.

So if you are a new TaxiForSure user, you can use this offer. By new user, TaxiForSure means that your mobile should not be already registered with TaxiForSure since they verify customer by sending OTP to your mobile number.

Anyway now let me tell you how you can get free Rs.100 in TaxiForSure wallet using referral code :

1) Download TaxiForSure app on your mobile.

2) Click on "New User? Sign Up".

3) Now you will see the Sign Up page.

4) Fill the given fields with Name, Mobile Number, Email, Password and Referral Code. Entering referral code is necessary to get free Rs.100 in your TaxiForSure wallet.

5) In the Referral Code field, enter TFSUNS73 and immediately you will get the dialog "Successfully Verified".

6) Wait for OTP and after getting it, enter it in the OTP field.

7)  Now you will get a dialog stating : " Congratulations, ₹ 100 has been added to your wallet."

8) You will also get a SMS stating : "Your TaxiForSure Wallet has been filled with Rs. 100.0".

9) After getting Rs.100 in your TaxiForSure wallet, tap on "Refer And Earn" and share your referral code with your friends to earn free Rs.100 for every friend.

 10) Till 18th April, you can use code DELFREE for a free ride valid to a maximum of Rs.200. Using Rs.100 in your wallet, you can get a ride up to Rs.300. This code is valid only on app bookings.

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