10 Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers in India 2023- Reviews

Gravity-based water purifiers have become common in Indian households. They are a great choice because they do not use electricity, there is no running water required, it can be used in remote areas and are also available on a low budget.

These purifiers work best without electricity and are best at removing all sorts of bacteria and viruses. Given below is a list of best gravity-based water purifiers in India.

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5 Best Water Purifiers Under 20000 in India 2023- Reviews

Some may argue that nothing can be safer than getting water filled in a large vessel, where it is brought to boiling point. However, you can never be too careful when it comes to the state of the water that you drink, and to be honest, the safer you are, the better.

So, what’s stopping you? The price? If so, here are some of the best purifiers that you can consider buying for your kitchen. Available at convenient prices, these water purifiers come with all the essential features that you would look for in any other water purifier out there.

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10 Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 In India 2023- Reviews

Water Purifier is one of the essential appliances for our daily use. Be it for your kitchen or your commercial space, drinking healthy water is a basic need for all. But in most of the rural areas, the water is more contaminated. This is the reason why they need the best water purifiers.

There are so many models available in the market today, and most of them come with different features. This makes it more challenging to choose between the best and other models.

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10 Best Non-Electric Water Purifiers in India 2023- Reviews

If power cuts are an issue in your area, non-electric water purifiers are the right choice for you. Apart from sparing you from additional costs in electricity every month, these kinds of water purifiers are portable, don’t involve the use of chemicals and finally, work without running water too.

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10 Best Roti Makers in India 2023- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

With the fast pace of life in today’s world, nobody gets the time to prepare rotis as well as other food items. People stay away from their home due to job or education and as a result, misses the home-cooked rotis or parathas. However, now you can have the tasty as well as fluffy rotis … Read more

10 Best Wet Grinders In India 2023- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

An Indian kitchen without a wet grinder is nothing but incomplete. Well! We certainly can’t do the cooking chores without a wet grinder machine. To make Idlis, Dosas, and all other South Indian dishes apart from cakes, you will need a wet grinder. It saves time as well as reduces the stress of making a … Read more

10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Are you aware of the primary reason for indoor air pollution? Well! It is because of the harmful gases that are emitted by the gas while you cook.

A gas burner emits a good amount of nitrogen dioxide, ultrafine particles, as well as carbon monoxide. These are seriously harmful to health. And even electric burners emit harmful gases while you cook.

However, people usually don’t recognize the presence of these harmful gases in the air. To keep those harmful gases away, you need a chimney for your kitchen.

So what is a chimney? It is a kitchen appliance that helps to omit those harmful gases.

It works as ventilation to your kitchen.  Even at low speed, it can clear nearly 60-70 % of the pollutants by improving the air quality.

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10 Best Dishwashers In India 2023- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Dishwasher in India

In today’s busy world, it is nearly impossible for anyone to take out time for household chores. There are a lot of tools and gadgets available in the market to make your work easy.

Dishwashing is another boring task that we all want to avoid. However, a good quality dishwasher can make your work a lot easier.

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Top 10 Best Grill Microwave Ovens in India 2023- Reviews

A grill microwave oven is a solo microwave equipped with heating coils and can be used to grill, toast or roast food. The grill comes as a mode or setting in microwaves and requires the use of a grilling plate or a metal rack, which brings the food closer to the grill.

These are ideal for making toast, kebabs and tikka. When you use the grill function, generally the microwave function is in off function.

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Top 10 Best Solo Microwave Ovens in India 2023- Reviews

Solo Microwave Oven is an entry-level model. It comes with a ‘Microwave only’ mode. If you are looking for basic cooking solutions, a solo model would be the ideal choice.

With uniform heat distribution, multiple power levels and a host of other features, the solo microwave oven is ideal for all basic cooking functions besides defrosting and reheating.

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