15 Best Laptops Under Rs.35000 in India 2024

This posts marks the beginning of a series of best laptops in India. In this series, I will post the list of best laptops in each budget. 

There are 2 reasons for starting this series with the list of best laptops under Rs.35000. First, when I bought my first laptop, it was the best laptop under Rs.35000 at that time. Second, recently my friend asked me to suggest him the best laptop and his budget was Rs.35000.

While researching the best laptop under Rs.35000, I was overwhelmed by the choices of laptops. So I brought down the list to 15 best laptops and suggested him the best. If your laptop budget is also Rs.35000, then you are at the best place.

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6 Best Wireless Mouse Under Rs.1000 in India 2024

There are many reasons for buying a wireless mouse. They give portability, less cord clutter, no tearing of wire, etc.

If you own a laptop, chances are you prefer portability and wireless mouse is the best bet for you. You should read on to know which is the best wireless mouse for your desktop or/and laptop in India.

Own a PC? Chances are you have got enough experience of wired mice and now want to check out the wireless mouse.

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