10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Are you aware of the primary reason for indoor air pollution? Well! It is because of the harmful gases that are emitted by the gas while you cook.

A gas burner emits a good amount of nitrogen dioxide, ultrafine particles, as well as carbon monoxide. These are seriously harmful to health. And even electric burners emit harmful gases while you cook.

However, people usually don’t recognize the presence of these harmful gases in the air. To keep those harmful gases away, you need a chimney for your kitchen.

So what is a chimney? It is a kitchen appliance that helps to omit those harmful gases.

It works as ventilation to your kitchen.  Even at low speed, it can clear nearly 60-70 % of the pollutants by improving the air quality.

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