Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India 2024

Best Vacuum Cleaner in India
Love to decor your house? But scared of cleaning the decor items? Well! A good vacuum cleaner is all that you need. It will not only make your task of cleaning easy but will also take less time and almost zero efforts.

A vacuum cleaner helps in cleaning your house and maintains the hygiene level. It cleans carpets, sofas, chairs, tables, and other household items quickly.

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10 Best Air Purifiers in India 2024- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

This post helps you in buying the best air purifier in India according to your needs. These are the Top 10 Best Air Purifiers in India 2024: 1. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier HP04 Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier HP04 is the best air purifier in India. This air purifier comes with the following features: … Read more

Top 10 Best Grill Microwave Ovens in India 2024- Reviews

A grill microwave oven is a solo microwave equipped with heating coils and can be used to grill, toast or roast food. The grill comes as a mode or setting in microwaves and requires the use of a grilling plate or a metal rack, which brings the food closer to the grill.

These are ideal for making toast, kebabs and tikka. When you use the grill function, generally the microwave function is in off function.

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Top 10 Best Solo Microwave Ovens in India 2024- Reviews

Solo Microwave Oven is an entry-level model. It comes with a ‘Microwave only’ mode. If you are looking for basic cooking solutions, a solo model would be the ideal choice.

With uniform heat distribution, multiple power levels and a host of other features, the solo microwave oven is ideal for all basic cooking functions besides defrosting and reheating.

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10 Best Window AC in India 2024- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In India, summers are quite oppressive, and global warming has made sure that summers start earlier than usual. They last longer than before. Having such hot temperatures during the summers, the air conditioner has become an essential part of our life. Manufacturers have come up with several ACs with different modes and capacities. Hence, it … Read more

10 Best Gas Stoves in India 2024- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Gas Stove in India
A gas stove is a must-have kitchen appliance in every household. Nowadays there are so many types of gas stoves and brands that it gets hard to choose one for your home.

When we needed to change our old gas stove, I decided to research how to choose a gas stove for our needs and which are the top gas stove brands in India.

If you want to know which gas stove we bought, the type of gas stoves and the website, read on to know complete details.

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10 Best Refrigerators in India 2024 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A refrigerator has come a long way from being a luxury item to a necessary appliance. Now you can’t think of living a day without a refrigerator.

The refrigerator helps in cooling the water to drink in scorching summer. It is used to store fruits and vegetables because it keeps their freshness intact.

The refrigerator also helps in making and storing tasty desserts and ice creams. It preserves the nutrients in our food which leads to a healthier and better life.

When one thinks of buying a refrigerator, it becomes difficult to decide which refrigerator to buy, especially since one needs to think long term.

The decision of choosing a refrigerator depends on storage capacity, type of refrigerator, family size, budget, eating habits, space in your house and so on.

In this guide, I am going to tell you about how to choose the best refrigerator for your needs and which are the top 10 best refrigerators in India right now. I have included in the list, the best refrigerators brands in India like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool and more.

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10 Best Food Processors in India 2024- Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

A food processor is a must-have kitchen appliance that can be used for multiple tasks such as slicing, grinding, chopping, kneading, mixing, and even juicing. I feel having a food processor will make kitchen work easier, time-saving and you don’t need to put much effort. Usually, a food processor comes along with several attachments such … Read more

10 Best Water Purifiers in India 2024- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in India

If you want to live a healthy life, the essential thing that you need to do is to drink purified water every day. But due to the increasing pollution level, one of the primary concern these days is water contamination.

You must be aware of the poor water condition of the lakes, rivers, seas, etc., which are the primary sources of water in India. If you see a lake or a river in any Metropolitan city like Delhi, then it is clear evidence of how seriously water is polluted.

Having contaminated water can lead to severe health conditions. It is mandatory for drinking water to have taste, appearance, and odour according to the guidelines of safe drinking water.

However, with the advancement in the field of technology, now you can consume safe and pure water with the help of water purifiers. It helps to tackle all the water-related issues.

Choosing a water purifier can never be an easy task with so many options to choose from. But, here is a list of top 10 best water purifiers in India along with a buying guide for all my readers.

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10 Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India 2024- Reviews

A convection microwave uses a combination of the two technologies: a regular microwave and a convection oven. It is most versatile and can perform all cooking functions, including baking.

This is why it is more expensive than the other two variants. It can be used to bake anything from cookies and cakes to quiches and pizzas.