SkinKraft Review- One Stop Solution To All Skin Problems!

Having sensitive and acne-prone skin, cosmetics and beauty products rarely agree with my skin. Thus, I am always a little more sceptical while trying my hands on some new skin products. Well! When it is about my face, I don’t want to take a chance. I was looking to try out a new skincare routine and then I came across SkinKraft. We all are aware of the videos going on the social media platforms of people getting clear and glowy skin using products specially customised as per your skin type.

I was fascinated by the advertising, and honestly, I was excited to try out the products as I loved the concept. Thus, I went through their website, and after being convinced, I picked my customised kit. I was amazed to see such a brilliant result after the first week itself.

SkinKraft has their basics right, and they understand your skin type. What I like about them is that they believe every skin is different and unique and thus, they customised products accordingly. To get the products customised rightly for your skin problems, you need to take a survey.

After taking the survey, I got three products in cute blue cardboard packaging. The products were Syndet Face Cleanser, Barrier Repair Lotion, and Acne Total Clear Solution.


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How Did I Order The SkinKraft Personalised Skincare Regime?

Visit the official website of Skinkraft, and there you will get a survey to do. Answer the questions carefully as this will allow them to analyse your skin problems and thus, you will get the products as per your skin concerns. The questionnaire will include everything related to lifestyle and skin related questions created by their dermatologists.

Price- It varies as per the plans you choose to buy.

  • 1-month plan- Rs. 1699/-
  • 3-months plan- Rs. 1499/-
  • 12-months plan- Rs. 999/-

The products came to me in a cute little packaging along with a white bag that contains all the products. Usually, you will get 2-4 products. I had received three that I have mentioned earlier. Each one of them came with a nice pump that made it easy and convenient to use.


Now, let’s get into brief detail about each of the products that I had received in my first SkinKraft buy.

1. Skinkraft Syndet Face Cleanser

Syndet Face Cleanser

This is a face wash that comes in a gel form to help you balance the pH level. It is neither too runny nor too thick in consistency and something I prefer. Nevertheless, it lathers well on the skin. It keeps oily skin well moisturised, and you will not require any extra moisturiser to hydrate your face. I did apply a little bit of moisturiser as I was doing this regime during the winter season. I found the fragrance pleasant and mild.

2. Barrier Repair Lotion

Barrier Repair Lotion

Now, this is the second product that I had received and it is also the second step of the routine. This is a gel moisturiser that is white and looks more like a serum. It has a non-sticky formula and is free from any fragrance. What I like more about this serum is that it spreads evenly on your face and leaves no oily texture. The packaging is nice with a pump that gives out the perfect amount.

3. Acne Total Clear Solution

Acne Total Clear Solution

This is the third product that came in my parcel. It is an acne controlling cream that is meant for spot application. You need to apply this on top of your acne directly. It may give you a tingling sensation, but there is nothing to worry about. Keep it overnight, and it will reduce the redness of your pimple. The size will also be reduced, and spots will be removed.

SkinKraft Packaging

Pros Of The SkinKraft Skin Routine

1. It is non-sticky.

2. This is paraben and SLS free.

3. It works well on sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Cons Of The SkinKraft Skin Routine

1. Quantity is less.

2. It is quite expensive if it doesn’t suit you.

Final Talk

If you are looking for a good skincare regime to follow and don’t want so many products, then Skinkraft is a good option. I feel it is better than many high-end skin care regimes that are available in the market. In my opinion, you can give it a try and go for the annual subscription may cost you a little less.

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