#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet in Delhi- A Fun Experience

On February 13, I got an email from IndiBlogger announcing the #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet in Delhi. The email mentioned that the event would be invite only and invites would be sent only after fulfilling the mentioned criteria.

I applied and got the invite on 17th February. Eventually my other blogger friends got the invite.

The #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet had already happened in Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai before coming to Delhi. The Delhi meet was scheduled for 25th February, 2017 at Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka, New Delhi. Continue reading “#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet in Delhi- A Fun Experience”

My First Expert, My Mother

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God couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers.” ~ A Jewish Proverb

I cannot agree more with the above proverb. A mother is the one who brings every human to the earth. No matter what one does, one cannot repay one’s mother loans. A mother always think about her children first, no matter in which condition she is. She always put the well-being of her children before hers. A mother spends so much time with her child that the first word the child learns to speak is Ma (or Mom) !

For me, my mother was #MyFirstExpert in everything and still is. She was the one who taught me to walk. She was the one who took me in her lap and introduced me to my first words through her lullabies. She introduced me to the world of learning not only by enrolling me in school but also by making sure to drop me at school and bring me back safely. In scorching heat of summer, she made sure to bring umbrella to protect me from heat since the rickshaws were not available from school to home. She was behind me when I was learning to ride the bicycle for first time. I can never forget how she used to comb my hair while I used to get ready to go to play in the evening in the apartments. But when it came to going to park outside the apartments, she made sure to accompany me even when I was going with more than dozen of friends.

Even today all she cares about is my well-being. When I get late due to classes in college or due to fest in college, she gets worried and calls me until I reply her and she gets satisfied. She never forgets to pack my lunch for college. She makes sure that she wakes before me daily to prepare breakfast for me.  Now-a-days I make sure not to bother her or I stop her from doing things for me but still she doesn’t stop.

My mother is the biggest reason in my decent upbringing. She taught me to respect elders and women. She helped me excel in all fields of life whether it be education, social life or discipline. She taught me to fight against injustice and never care for what other people say about me.

I can go on forever on the topic of my mother. The above things are just a small glimpse of the things my mother have done and still does for me. So no matter what respect your mother, for she is the reason for your existence in this beautiful world.

How to Make Your Baby Happy !

There is nothing in the world that can make a parent more happy than seeing their baby happy. Every parent wants to raise a healthy and happy baby. A happy baby becomes a great person in life. It is important to do things that make your baby happy. Also make sure to be happy if you are a parent. Babies sense the environment around them and react in the same way.

In this post, I am sharing a list of things you can do to make your baby happy :
1)      Give him time : Time is the most precious resource a parent can give to their baby. Always try to be present near your baby. When your baby knows that you are near him, he feels protected, loved and cherished. Even if you are a working parent, spend quality time with your baby when you are at home.
2)      Play with him : Playing with your baby makes him joyful and develops skills essential to future happiness.
3)      Help him learn new skills : Happy people are often those who have mastered a skill. For example, when your baby figures out walking with shaky steps for the first time or getting the spoon in his mouth, he feels happy and gains new experiences. He experiences joy of succeeding due to his own efforts.
4)      Give him safe environment : Always make sure that you keep your baby safe and protected from everything. Keep him warm in winters and cool in summers. Give him food according to his age. Regularly change his bedding and clothing. Keep him safe from mosquitoes and other bugs and insects.
5)      Give him space : No matter how much you care for your baby but don’t restrict him from exploring his surroundings on his own. Make sure that the baby has enough space for movement and exercise. However ensure that he has no access to accident-prone space.
6)      Make him exercise : Ensure that your baby is getting enough exercise by gently moving his arms and legs, simulating flying and swimming movements and singing songs for him according to situation.
7)      Buy books and toys for him : Buy books and toys for him with care. Ensure that the toys you buy are having different sizes, colours, textures and materials. Playing with toys will make him happy and give new heights to his imagination. Babies also love to look at pictures and drawings from the book. This will lead your child’s artistic imagination to a new height.
8)      Changing diapers : Ensure that you change the diaper of your baby as soon it gets soiled. Dirty diaper is the biggest reason babies remain unhappy. Make sure you use a diaper that not only keeps him dry from outside but also from inside. Use Pampers Baby Dry Pants.

Optimism : Always Hope for the Best !

In 9th class, I came to know about prestigious engineering institutes like and IITs and NITs and their prestigious entrance examination IIT-JEE and AIEEE. If you are an Indian, you cannot escape from the buzz of engineers and doctors. There is a famous meme : “ In India, you first become an engineer and then think what you want to do in life.”
After 10th result came out, I enrolled in science stream in class 11th. Although I did not completely know what it meant but I always said that I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. Maybe the reason was the influence of former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on me. Anyway as the time went on, I started to hate Physics and Chemistry but love Computer Science. Now I wanted to become a Computer Engineer.

But fate has something else in box for me. As soon as 11thclass started, I got ill with jaundice. It took 3 months for me to get completely well. Due to leaving out on basics, I was unable to understand Chemistry and Physics later on. In 12th class, our Maths teacher died and I was unable to complete Maths syllabus on my own. The biggest mistake I did was not enrolling in any tuitions and coaching centres since I thought I could clear 12th and IIT-JEE  by being dependent on my school teachers.
As expected, I was not able to clear IIT-JEE and AIEEE. Moreover being a General student in India leaves no possibility of second chance for you. Hoping to clear state entrance examination CET of Delhi by GGISPU, I was devastated on that front too. Now I was left with no choice but enrolling in private engineering institutes which demanded for hefty donations and capitation fees. I was completely exhausted and felt like a loser. I reminded of good olden days up to 10th class when I used to be in the top 3 students in class. But life is the name of moving on. Sticking to the past made my present more difficult for me. That was the time when I was most pessimistic about life and felt that no good could come out of my life.
But my passion for computer science was same so I gave entrance exam for diploma in Computer Engineering in Delhi Polytechnics. While preparing for the exam, I completely forgot about the whole mess and focused totally on exam preparation. Due to determination, I secured 544 rank in the Polytechnics entrance exam and this was the moment that filled with optimism and hope for the future. This was the year of 2012.
In December 2012, I started blogging to let out my frustration for pursuing diploma while all my classmates were pursuing degrees. In June 2013, I started this blog and since then, it’s been a ride of ups and downs but I never stopped or looked back. Now I think whether it would have been the same if I had got admission in B.Tech.  I think had it been the case, I would not be doing what I love and would have been satisfied with the thought of having secured a seat in B.Tech.
This post is written for Housing and Indiblogger.

Quikr NXT : Buying and Selling Made Easy !

Quikr NXT : Buying and Selling Made Easy !
Image Source : Quikr

Considered the biggest Indian online classifieds portal, Quikr has recently launched “Quikr NXT” programme which gives buyers and sellers a way of communicating via instant chat. It gives both buyers and sellers an added layer of privacy since they can hide their mobile number and email address. Through this feature, photos and videos of products can also be shared.

My first interaction with Quikr was during the month of December when I listed my old mobile phone there for sale. At first, I only listed my email address and not my mobile number since I did not want to get bombarded with phone calls from complete strangers.  In 2 days, I got emails from only 4 guys but they were unsuccessful transactions. That was unexpected since the phone was good in condition. I only wanted to sold that phone because I was using Moto G.
I thought the reason for low response might be due to the absence of mobile number on my profile. So I listed the mobile number and it did result in more responses. But 1 guy called me during college class and I thought it would have been so good if there was a mechanism to let him know that I was busy at the moment.

With so many interested buyers, it got cumbersome to keep track of them. The guy, who was interested in buying at the listed price, called me to send him some more photos of the mobile phone and the easiest way to do was through WhatsApp. Finally I sold the phone.

Recently I wanted to sell a book through the Quikr app and saw the Quikr NXT option in app. The best thing about this feature is that it is not only available on app but also on desktop and mobile browsers.

I think Quikr NXT will take online classifieds to a new era. Following are the 3 reasons why chat is better than a phone call :

1) Convenience : Quikr NXT helps buyers to chat with sellers when they are online. Buyers don’t have to call the sellers at odd hours of the day. This also saves money spent over the phone call. This will help any seller who might be busy and can reply to the buyer when he is free. When I sold my book through Quikr NXT,it got sold within 2 days whereas the mobile took 6 days. great,isn’t it ?

2) Sharing Photos and Videos : With Quikr NXT, buyers can request anything from photos of mobile phones to videos of car interior.

3) Saving Conversations at One Place : With Quikr NXT, it gets easy to track buyers at one place. You don’t have to check your phone logs or WhatsApp messages to refer to the conversations. It is helpful since you can remember the price you bargained with specific buyers.

Quikr NXT : Buying and Selling Made Easy !
Using Quikr NXT on Desktop

Download Quikr from iTunes App Store .

This post is a part of IndiBlogger Happy Hours with Quikr NXT.