Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

Although Ravi Subramanian has written seven books before “The Bestseller She Wrote”, this was the first time that I read his book. All the previous books he had written were thrillers with banking background. This is the first time he has written a romantic novel.The banking background has anyways crept in to this book too. 


This is the story of a banker and bestseller author, Aditya Kapoor and a college girl, Shreya Kaushik who wants to become a bestselling author. The story starts from IIM Bengaluru where Aditya has been called for a talk on what he has achieved by pursuing his passions and dreams. While Aditya talks about the marketing of book, he refers to the book as product which irks one student listening to him. This student is none other than Shreya. When they get face-to-face, Aditya tells her to read his books and then come back to him if she doesn’t like them.
Shreya is a final year student in IIM Bengaluru and lives in PG with her friend and classmate Sunaina. Her dream is to become a world-famous author. Shreya is young, beautiful and reckless. She is an ardent reader. Books helped take her mind off the trauma in her real life. After having face-off with Aditya, she has risked the Chairman’s gold medal since Aditya is an alumnus of the college and was the guest of the college. To save herself, she reads his fourth novel by staying awake all night and sends an email after completing the book. This saves her from Director.

Aditya works at National Bank as Director of Branch Banking. His friend, Sanay Narang also works with him at the bank as the head of Human Resources. Their friendship goes back to more than 15 years. After having first marriage ending in divorce, Sanjay is secretly dating co-worker Diana Moses. Aditya is not happy with this as she dislike her.

Besides having a successful career, Aditya has a loving wife Maya and six-year old son Aryan. Maya gave up her corporate career to focus on family. Now she teaches at a school. They met at IIM and soon married after they both started working in European banks.

When Sanjay invites Aditya to be a part of interview panel at IIM Bengaluru, he gets a chance to attend a reading session on day before the interview. Their interview is scheduled on the second day of IIM-B placement session. Shreya also attends the book session despite knowing that she would miss the first day of placement. When Aditya visits IIM-B for interviewing, he persuades Sanjay to hire Shreya. Even he don’t know the reason.

From this moment starts the definitive moment in their life. Aditya and Shreya gets involved in adultery. Shreya makes Aditya ready to help her in launching her book.

Will Aditya and Shreya go on like this? Will Maya ever get to know about the betrayal of her husband? Will Shreya get her first bestseller book using Aditya? Will Aditya get redemption after cheating his wife and son? To know more, you will have to read the book.

The book has easy language. The first half is slow but the second half is interesting. The book is soon going to be made into a movie. I give this book a rating of 4 out of 5.
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#SniffSniff : Ban Body Odour !

When BlogAdda announced #SniffSniff activity for male bloggers from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, I was very excited since most of the gender-based campaigns are mainly for female bloggers. We men always felt left out. But this activity broke this tradition.

Basically the idea of #SniffSniff activity was that we would receive 3 mystery items at our doorstep for 3 days and we would have to use our guessing skills to guess what the product could be. The word sniff was a clue that the activity related to odour and nose.
When the first parcel arrived, I was not at home therefore my brother received it. When I came home, I opened the parcel and found a card with an image of male on it and a cloth lip on the nose of male in the image. I was confused at what sort of clue it was. Then I removed the cloth clip and opened the card and my eyes fell on the writing on card. It read: “Clothes clips are for the clothes line, not your nose.” From my olfactory sense, I guessed a deodorant was going to be launched. I tweeted the same.

Some day later, the second parcel came and the parcel guy clicked my photo with parcel in my hands. I opened the parcel and found a small jute bag in it. It smelt weird. Anyway I opened the bag and it had coffee beans in it. The clue was: “An easy way to neutralise odour is coffee beans, but body odour? You need all sorts of ways and means!” From my guess, it could be a coffee-scented deodorant that was going to be launched.

 The third parcel was the last clue and I opened it in a hurry to get confirmed that my guess of deodorant was correct. Inside the package was a face mask with a card as always. The card read: “A mask should be used to protect you from pollution and disease, not when someone’s terrible body odour put ill at ease!” The clue was just a formality and I was pretty confident about my guess.
 Finally I received the fourth and final parcel which was going to be the product itself. I opened the parcel and it was indeed a deodorant. It is a Nivea Men Boy Deodorizer introduced to #BanBodyOdour . It has a revolutionary concentrated, yet skin friendly and gas-free deodorizing formula that works on the skin and prevents the formation of odour at its source for up to 48 hours. It is available in two cool masculine variants – IceCool & Energy. I have received the ‘Energy’ variant. I used it the next day after it came and liked the fragrance.
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Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 2

Continued From: Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 2

After deciding Allu Arjun as dancer and Anushka Manchanda as singer, we were relieved that we were able to find fresh faces for the farewell party. Now, it was time to call both. While we were successful in finalising Anushka Manchanda as singer, there occurred a problem in finalising Allu Arjun as dancer. Since Allu Arjun lives in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, calling him to Delhi was a difficult job. Moreover, being an actor, he would have given his dates for movies. In the end, we were able to convince him to come to our college. However, he told us that he would be able to give at most 3 hours to the farewell party.

Now was the time to print pamphlets for the farewell party and the students got pretty excited after getting the news that Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda were coming to our college. With full vigour, we started preparations for the farewell party. Being in the 3rd year of my college, it was a management lesson for me in real life. I was very excited and nervous too since that was my first responsibility as the head of the organising group. Previously I had only been in the organising group as member.

Finally the day had come. We welcomed both the great dancer and singer. As soon as both came on stage, the crowd cheered with their full voice. The crowd was charged with energy when Allu Arjun’s sensational dancing moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice came together. They were both superb and rocked the stage. It was very refreshing to see the perfect combination of Allu Arjun’s moves and Anushka Manchanda’s beats. The music was joyful and appealing. The crowd started copying the dancing moves of Allu Arjun and dancing to the beats of truly exhilarating music of Anushka Manchanda.  Being an introvert and shy person, even I was not able to control my body to move with the rhythm of song.

In the end, they both took selfies with crowd. Being from organising group, I was able to take selfie with them separately. When they were leaving, we thanked them both for accepting to come to our college and giving such a mesmerising experience to us. It proved to be an energising experience to all the students who were busy preparing for upcoming exams. My experience with freshness brought real freshness to our life and rejuvenated our mind which was burdened with routine life.

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Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 1

Recently I and my friends were very tensed because we had to organise a farewell party for our seniors. But the problem was that everyone wanted his/her favourite singer and dancer to perform in the party. Being the leader for the group, it was my responsibility to organise the farewell party successfully. Everyone in the organising group had suggested so many names that I was burdened by the plethora of choices. Seeing that the matter was getting out of hand, I made the announcement that this time, we would do something fresh that had never been done in the past in the college farewell party. So it was decided that the singer and dancer would have to be someone who had never been to our college.
That day, when I was going home, I started listening to songs on Youtube. In recommendations to what to listen next, Youtube was showing me “Cinema Choopistha Mava” song. It has 8 Million views but the song was in Telugu. Anyways, I watched the song and was energised by the sensational moves of Allu Arjun. I had already seen that movie, Race Gurram but in Hindi, where its name was Main Hoon Lucky, The Racer. Then I watched some more video songs of Allu Arjun and I found another dancing gem in form of “Top Lechipoddi” song. Next day, I showed those dancing videos of Allu Arjun to my friends in the organising group of farewell party and suggested that he should be the dancer for farewell party. They instantly agreed and the problem for dancer was solved. However, we were still in search of a singer.

The farewell party was near and we still had not found the singer. On one day, I was going to home via DTC bus and I met one of my school friends. She instantly found out the tension behind my smile and asked me the reason and I told her the problem how there were only 10 days left and we were still searching for a singer for the farewell party. She suggested me to go with Anushka Manchanda and showed her video songs. I really loved her songs like The Little Things You Do and her Bollywood songs.
Next day, I showed video songs of Anushka Manchanda to the organising group of farewell party. Finally Anushka Manchanda was selected as the singer. At last, we felt relieved as we had found both the dancer and singer.

To Be Continued: Rejoice with Dance and Music #MaxFreshMove – Part 2

Ramayana – The Game of Life : Shattered Dreams Book Review

 Ramayana – The Game of Life : Shattered Dreams Book Review

About the Book

  • Author: Shubha Vilas
  • Paperback: 404 pages
  • Publisher: Jaico Publishing House; First edition (23 January 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8184955316
  • Lowest Price: Rs. 263
  • Available On:  Amazon and Flipkart


Shattered Dreams is the sequel to the national bestseller, Rise of the Sun Prince, in the new spiritual and motivational series Ramayana – The Game of Life. Twelve joyful years have passed in Ayodhya since the wedding of Rama and Sita at the end of Book 1.

Now, in Shattered Dreams, Shubha Vilas narrates the riveting drama of Rama’s exile. Through tales of Rama’s unwavering and enigmatic persona, the book teaches us how to handle reversals positively; through Bharata’s actions, it teaches us to handle temptation; and through Sita’s courage, to explore beyond our comfort zone. This complicated family drama provides deep insights on how human relationships work and how they fail.

With Valmiki’s Ramayana as its guiding light, Shattered Dreams deftly entwines poetic beauty from the Kamba Ramayana and Ramacharitramanas, as well as folk philosophy from the Loka Pramana tales, to demonstrate how the ancient epic holds immediate relevance to modern life. Experience the ancient saga of the Ramayana like never before.


Having already read the epic Ramayana book in school, I didn’t think that the Ramayana – The Game of Life : Shattered Dreams book would be much different than the original Ramayana. But I was grossly mistaken. I did not read Ramayana – The Game of Life: Rise of the Sun Prince – Book 1 but I was aware of its favorable reviews. So when I got the chance to review the second book, I applied instantly and got the book for review from BlogAdda.

While reading the book, I felt like I was reading a completely new book. The author has done a great job of delving into the sub-plots, significance of little known events and the stories within stories in Ramayana. By reading this book, I got to know how Lord Rama’s father, Dasharatha got his name, Ravana’s name was Dasagriva but lord Shiva called him Ravana because of his courage and sincerity on knowledge of Vedas. I also got to know according to Indian mythology why peacock’s feathers have different shades, why crows are given importance in our Shastra’s, why Bharata refused to become king,etc. The language was lucid and simple to understand.

This book is aptly named “Shattered Dreams” because this book is the story of how dreams of Dasharatha and citizens of Ayodhya get shattered due to exile of Rama who was about to get crowned as the King of Ayodhya. I liked how the author reveals the character of Bharat who sacrificed the throne and remained loyal to his brother Rama. Bharat got his due importance in this book who gets sidelined in other tellings of Ramayana.

The best thing about the book was the section of footnotes. They added more engagement in the story and I enjoyed the life lessons shared by the author. Whether Triple Virtues or Six Anarthas to Conquer or Management Mantras, I found each footnote full of tiny source of wisdom. The comparisons made were apt and made the story suitable for contemporary world and how one can apply that knowledge in today’s world. The footnotes make this book a self-help guidebook which can be consulted from time to time in times of  misery.

I am now waiting for the third book in this series !

Rating by me: 4 / 5 (4 out of 5)

Verdict: This book is a must read for everyone since everyone can get important life lessons from this book and imbibe them in life.

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